Fish Farming: All You Need to Know

Fish farming is the process of raising fish in a confined space for the purpose of human consumption. Fish farming has been going on for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese used to raise carp and other fish for food. Fish was a staple of their diet, and they discovered it was easier to breed and raise the fish than it was to depend on nature to raise the fish and then they had to catch them.

Modern fish farming is divided into two types of farming operations, freshwater fish farms, and saltwater fish farms. Freshwater farming operations are usually done in inland canals or ponds. The canals are easier to manage and operate.

Most services use a concrete lined canal that has an inlet on one end for fresh water and an outlet on the other end of the dirty water. The dirty water goes through a filter and either recycled to the inlet or dumped into a river or other body of water.

This type of fish farming doesn’t hurt the environment. The unprocessed fish food and well as the fish feces are collected in the filters and the canal cleaning process, dried and then used for fertilizer. It should be noted that fish fertilizer not only doesn’t harm the natural environment but helps sustain the soil by adding important nutrients.

These problems with waste may be significant, but preventable. Proper fish farming methods should be able to collect the waste and treat it like freshwater fish farming. This would not only prevent pollution but help the soil by using natural wastes as fertilizer.


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